Energipole Group was founded by Alain Mallart in 1998. An industrial entrepreneur who over the years has mustered several entrepreneurs to create and develop centers of added value activities. Energipole-Group brings together active shareholding in various sectors and spreads across strategic geographic regions such as Africa, the Indian ocean, Canada, the Caribbean zone, France and Benelux. We mainly focus our development on niche markets with an international dimension. We have three major areas of expertise :
Environment, Real Estate, Venture Capital

  • 2015Diversification of real estate services

    Sale of ORGANA I to KKR and launch of ORGANA II. Creating ALDERAN, a property management company for third parties.
  • 2012 Lauching of ORGANA I

    The group launched ORGANA I with subscription opened to third party investors. A turning point for the real estate business of the company that was only managed for its own benefit.
  • 2008Energipole becomes the unifying banner of the group's activities

    Since 2008, Alain Mallart deploys under the name of Energipole his own group in the area of recycling and waste management. The wire is thus found and Alain Mallart and his partners are working together to connect all these areas of activities in terms of skills, men, trades and markets.
  • 2001 Partnership at 50% with Suez Environment

    In 2001, Alain Mallart becomes partner of Suez Environment in companies of waste treatment for the Indian Ocean, Dubai, South Africa and the Mauritius/La Reunion zone. After having presided over the development of these companies, he will cede these holdings in 2008.
  • 2000 Birth of Ojirel

    In 2000, Alain Mallart created Ojirel, a real estate investment company. It is today the real estate arm of the Energipole Group, which manages over 200€ million of assets.
  • 1998 Launching into Venture Capital

    In 1998, he decided to get into venture capital creating the holding Externalis which operates in various sectors of activities. The idea is simple: identify high-potential investments help them in their development then sell them.
  • 1994 Buying to EDS 100% of GFI

    Late 1994, he purchased to EDS 100% of a small computer company named GFI and distributed 25% to executives. He funded the important development up to its introduction on the stock exchange. This company achieves today a turnover of 750€ million (10,000 employees).
  • 1990 Compagnie Générale de Papiers (CGP)

    The nineties are particularly marked by the resumption of the General Company of Papers (CGP) that he purchased through the stock exchange and developed but also by the rescue of the Verrerie Ouvrière d'Albi as well as partnerships with Jean-Claude Naouri (Euris/Casino) and Jean-Francois Henin (Maurel & Prom)
  • 1983 Birth of Novalliance

    In 1983, Alain created the Novalliance Group, originally conceived as a unifying service companies. This group will become one of the first groups of terrestrial logistics in France with 1,500,000 square meters of warehouses (Mory, Garonor, Transalliance etc). The turnover will increase from 23€ million to 1.5€ billion with a workforce of 10,000 employees in less than 10 years. Alain Mallart sells Novalliance in 1995.
  • 1980 CEO of Sicaworms

    He became, in 1980 CEO of Sicaworms, third French scrapper, he will sell this company to the SBB Group (became Derichebourg) that he will try to buy, associated to Usinor, in 1987.
  • 1968 Alain Mallart starts his career at Crédit Vendôme

    Alain Mallart began his career with Credit Vendome (banking group) in 1968 and then continued his path in the recycling of industrial waste and mining via the Solenfer company founded in 1970. This company has been resold at Empain-Schneider group in 1974 after having processed nearly 4 million tons of waste steel and hard coals.

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